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My Karting Adventure at BIKC: Racing to 11th Place!

Hey there fellow speed demons! 🏁 I'm just 9 years old, but I recently revved my engine at the British Indoor Karting Championship (BIKC). Guess what? I zoomed all the way to 11th place!

🚗💨 It was like being in a real-life video game. From Scotland with a touch of Trinidadian flair, I was ready to conquer the track.

The first round was the qualifying round, and I qualified 3rd. Can you believe it? I was on fire! But there was a little hiccup—a slower kart got in my way, and I had to back off. I was mad and upset after that first session, but hey, that's racing!

The next two rounds were heats, and in both heats, I came in 4th. Those heats were intense, but I was determined to keep pushing forward.

Now, here's the kicker—these karts were different from my usual ones. They were electric at the BIKC, while I'm used to petrol karts at my home track. It was like switching gears mid-race, but I adapted.

In the semi-final, I came 6th, and I needed to be in the top 5 to qualify for the final. It was a bit of a bummer, but I was also super happy. Why? Because I couldn't believe that I made it to the regional finals. in my rookie season!

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